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Current Board of Directors

President: John White
Vice President: Karen Mischlispy
Treasurer (acting): Karen Mischlispy
Secretary: Kim Bickford
Women's Committee Chair: Joanna Burton
Men's Committee Chair: John White
Newsletter Editor: Nancy Furnari
Membership Chair: Rita Stilwell
Scholarship Chair: Karen Mischlispy
Golf Chair: Ed Fletcher
Web Master: Emily Alexander
Mission of the Arizona Softball Foundation
The Arizona Softball Foundation provides state recognition for fast pitch softball players, coaches, and contributors to the game. The Arizona Softball Foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to promoting and recognizing accomplishments of teams, players, coaches, umpires and sponsors who have participated in Arizona fast pitch softball.
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The Arizona Softball Foundation was founded in 1973 when a number of prominent retired softball players decided something should be done to ensure softball would continue to be strong in Arizona. Their mission was to start a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and recognizing the accomplishments of teams, players, coaches, umpires and sponsors who had participated in Arizona softball. Membership was only five dollars a year and in a few short years membership grew from a small number to hundreds.

The group's first order of business was to select a Board of Directors. It was decided the Board should represent all of Arizona and members should be selected from different areas in Arizona. The original Board of Directors included President, Ford Hoffman representing Maricopa County and Secretary, Rose Mofford representing the Southern District.

The second order of business in 1973 was to start a Softball Hall of Fame and decide who and how the members would be inducted. The Foundation decided the first person to be inducted into the Hall would be Art Funk, chairman of the Board of Greyhound Parks of Arizona and sponsor of the legendary Funk Jewels which included many of the great Arizona softball players. The team was a dominant force in 16 national championship tournaments held in Phoenix at softball fields which he built. This included the famous Phoenix Softball Park, a $100,000 stadium and field at 17th Avenue and Roosevelt.

1974 marked the 40th anniversary of fast pitch softball in Arizona. The Board thought it fitting to select what would be known as the Charter Members of the Foundation from a ballot containing only the names of the men and women who played in the pre-war years. The following sixteen men and women were chosen as the Charter Members and were honored at the first induction banquet.
Charter Women Players

Charlotte “Skipper” Armstrong
Louise (Curtis) Miller
Margie (Wood) Law
Rose Mofford
Carolyn Morris
Amelina “Amy” Peralta
Mickey Sullivan
Dot Wilkinson
Charter Men Players

Joe Hunt
Harry “Coon” Rosen
Arnold “Nolly” Trujillo
Larry Walker
Paul “Windmill” Watson

Charter Contributors

Ford Hoffman
Ben Spalding
Art Van Haren Sr
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From 1975 to 1980 the Foundation continued to operate and eighty-eight more men and women were inducted into the Arizona Softball Hall of Fame. Then, for some unknown reason, the Foundation ceased functioning between 1980 and 2000. No new members were inducted into the Hall of Fame during those years.

Around 1998, a group of retired renowned men fast pitch players that were attending a national tournament decided the Foundation should be rejuvenated again. A Committee of interested men and women players was formed and began work for the next two years putting together a new Board of Directors and setting up new membership and goals for the Foundation.

The new Board of Directors was:
President: Dennis Ferguson
Vice President: Bob Lewis
Treasurer: Linda Lane
Secretary: Joanna Burton
Maricopa Director: John White
Eastern Director: T. R. Baack
Northern Director: Jim McCasland
Southern Director: Ray Judd
Men’s Induction Committee
Paul Rubin (Director), Dennis Ferguson,
Andy Eggan, John White, Harold Kleinman Stan Groves and Bob Lewis

Women’s Induction Committee
Rich Beach (Director), Dot Wilkinson, Flossie Ballard, Karen Mischlispy, Linda Lane, and Joanna Burton
The newly formed Board held its first induction banquet in 2000 at the Elks Lodge in Mesa, Arizona. Under the leadership of newly elected President, Dennis Ferguson, the Foundation inducted nine teams and twenty players or contributors into the Arizona Softball Hall of Fame.

From 2002 to 2010, under new President John White and Vice President, Karen Mischlipsy, the Foundation has grown and inducted ninety-three men and women into the Arizona Softball Hall of Fame. As of September of 2010, there are a total of 198 men and women inducted into the Arizona Softball Hall of Fame.

Arizona Softball Foundation Lifetime Members

Ken Ashley
Larry Bender
Mike Boaz
JoAnna Burton
Ricki Caito (deceased)
Dennis Christopherson
Sharon Columbo
Bill Crumm
John Dutton
Nancy Ellis
Dennis Ferguson
Ed Fletcher
Roy Fries
Nancy Funari
Diana Gano
Carmen Giglio
Warren Goodrich
Stan Groves
Betty Hammann
Lloyd Harper
Dave Harris
Judy Hoke
Ray Judd (deceased)
Joseph M. Lane
Bob Lewis
Mary Littlewood
Lisa Madrid
Jim McCasland
Edward McQuade
Dick Mckivergan
Steve McQueen
Alita M. Mecey (deceased)
Margaret Vance Mills
Karen Mischlispy
Rose Mofford (deceased)
Lynn Mooney
Clint Myers
Karl Nielson

Paula Noel
John Pine
Annabelle Lee Powell (deceased)
Ish Rahmatulla (deceased)
Marilyn Rau
Mark B. Rice
Tom Shackelford
Norma & Bob Slaughter
Matthew Smith
Darlene & Lee Spiva
Sherry Stilwell Stevens
Bev Dryer Stewart
Dennis Stilwell
James D. Stilwell
Anita Wells (deceased)
Jo West
John White
Dot Wilkinson
A.C. Williams (deceased)

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