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Supporting Education Through Softball

The ASF Scholarship Program was launched in 2003 as a means to show support for Arizona athletes who are participating in and continuing the tradition of great softball in Arizona. To be eligible to be considered for a scholarship, an athlete must:
• be accepted into an Arizona Community College
• be accepted on the college softball team
• have financial need
• have a commitment to attend school
• maintain a GPA of 2.5 and have no failing grade while attending college
• have a high school GPA of 2.0 to apply
• remain at the same Community College while receiving the ASF scholarship
• be recommended by her high school coach or the Community College coach
• complete and return all ASF requirement forms on time

Presently there are scholarship opportunities to support many young women who play club softball and want to attend an Arizona Community College. Funds availability may change from semester to semester. Recipients in good standing may be considered for the next school semester at that school. The selection process is by the ASF Scholarship Committee.

Over 20 Community College athletes have been assisted with tuition, textbooks and lab fees since the inception of the fund. Below are some pictures of these deserving athletes.

Scholarship applications are accepted year round. To be considered for the fall semester, an application must be submitted by the last Friday in May. To be considered for the spring semester, an application must be submitted by the last Friday in November. Applications are to be submitted to:
ASF Scholarship Committee
3818 East St. Catherine Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85042

Download Scholarship Application

For more information, please contact: Karen Mischlispy - 602 438-2928

ASF Scholarship Recipients for Fall of 2016

Returning Recipients
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Daniella Arndt
Sophomore - Glendale Community College - Surprise, AZ - Ford Hoffman Scholarship
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Marcella Holguin-Torres
Paradise Community College - Tucson, AZ - ASF Scholarship

New Recipients
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Makaila Mason
South Mountain Community College - Phoenix, AZ - Bev Stewart Scholarship

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Kelsey Chiaverini
Mesa Community College - Flagstaff, AZ - Maricopa ASA Scholarship
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Celeste Jadaa Faz
Glendale Community College - Phoenix, AZ - ASF Scholarship
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Kyla Rae Quintanilla
Paradise Community College - Yuma, AZ - ASF Scholarship

Some Scholarship Recipients

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2004 Scholarship Recipients on ends
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2007 Britinie Hardine
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2009 with Joe Lane & Karen Mischlispy & coach
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2010 ASA/GCC with Joe Lane
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2010 Gateway with Karen Mischlispy
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2010 GCC with Karen Mischlispy
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2010 Anabel Franco
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2010 Janessa Jauregui
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2010 Lauren Irwin
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2010 Marina Casas
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