Preserving Memories

A woman with white hair and wearing a black shirt. Dot Wilkinson October 9, 1921 March 18, 2023
A man holding a ball in his hands. Roy Fries April 8, 1927 March 15, 2023
A woman holding a plaque in front of her face. Darlene Spiva UNKNOWN March 2023
A baseball player in green and white uniform. JayBob (Jay Robert) Bickford May 2, 1940 July 26, 2022
A woman with short hair and blue earrings. Janet Rice September 17, 1947 April 24, 2022
A man with glasses and a hat on John Guthrie March 19. 1947 November 19, 2021
A black and white photo of a baseball player. Bill R. "Billy" Crumm UNKNOWN 2000
A man sitting on the ground holding something. Gilbert "Gil" Trejo UNKNOWN 1979