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Joanne Winter

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One of the world’s greatest women softball pitchers, she led her teams to national and world championships during a 16-year career. She led the Phoenix A-1 Queens to the national championship in 1955, beating intra-city rival PBSW Ramblers seven times in 10 meetings. A top pitcher in the Chicago Major League, 1940=42, she moved to Arizona in October 1942, but returned to pitch for the Racine Belles in the All-American Softball League, founded by P. K. Wrigley and Branch Rickey. During 7 seasons in this first-ever women’s professional league, she led her team to three world championships. Her career earned run average was an amazing 0.76.
She then joined the A-1 Queens in 1955 and posted a 36-6 record
Against women’s teams and won 10 more against men’s teams.