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Rebecca "Becky" Rice

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  • Year:2010
  • Category:Women Players
  • Nickname:Becky
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Played 20 years from 1965-1985 at the highest levels of the sport
1971 Rookie of the Year
1972 2nd Team All-American
Member of ASU 1973 National Champiolnship Team
Coached the Sun City Saints 1973 Farm Team
Assistant ASU Coach 1974
1974 Cactus All-Regional Team
1975 Cactus All--Regional Team
Member of Goodwill Tour Team to South Africa 1975
Played on Professional Bakersfield Aggies Softball Team
Played for Sun City Saints from 1971-76
Becky Rice played outfield for the Sun City Saints from 1971 to 1976. She played for Glendale Community College. Becky was a member of the 1973 Arizona State University National Championship Team. In 1974, Becky was an assistant softball coach at ASU. She was member of the Goodwill Team that toured South Africa in 1975. Becky received Second Team All-American honors at the 1972 ASA Nationals.