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Charlotte Armstrong

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  • Year: 1974
  • Category:Women Players
  • Other:Charter Member
  • Nickname:Skipper
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Blessed with an assortment of windups and deliveries, Skipper Armstrong was six times an All-American pitcher during a career which saw her lead the legendary Phoenix A-1 Queens into national prominence, including five national championships. She starred for the Queens from 1939 to 1943 and following a three-year hiatus during which she excelled in a Midwestern league, returned in 1947 to resume displaying her matchless skills on Arizona diamonds. Thrice named Most Outstanding Pitcher in national championship tournaments. Skipper also was featured in a 1945 “Believe-it-or-Not” cartoon by Bob Ripley; it told of her pitching a doubleheader, each game going extra innings for a total of 32 and winning both games via shutouts.