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Paul "Windmill" Watson

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  • Year:1974
  • Category:Men Players
  • Other:Charter Member
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Originator of the “windmill” delivery, Paul “Windmill” Watson became the most colorful pitcher in softball history. He put Arizona on world softball map in 1935 when he led Funk Jewels of Phoenix to semifinals of national tournaments in Chicago. Earned these national honors: All-American Pitcher, 1935; Most Popular Player, 1938; Most Valuable Player, 1938; Western Tournament honors: Most Valuable Player, 1937; Most Popular Player, 1936. Arizona All-star Pitcher, 1936. So baffling was Watson’s delivery that it was banned by national rules committee. He remained an outstanding pitcher, repeatedly leading Funk Jewels to state and regional championships. Struck out 60 batters in 22 innings in regional competition tournament, pitched 44 consecutive scoreless innings and had 24-game