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George Stapley

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A brilliant pitcher and a .300 hitter joined forces to produce a storybook career for this 20-year veteran of softball. Wounded in the Battle of the Bulge, he was advised by a doctor to exercise his shoulder. So well did he exercise it. he authored 96 n-hit, no run games, and 11 no-hit, 1-run games. In addition, he batted cleanup for his teams. Between 1952 and 1959, he was judged Outstanding Pitcher in the Mesa Major League five times, and batted better than .300 each year. He played with Arizona teams in six national tournaments - in Phoenix; Fresno, Calif; Long Beach; Plainview, Texas; Oklahoma City and Long Island, NY. Voted Outstanding Pitcher in three Latter-Day Saints national tournaments, he pitched the Mesa 8th Ward to championships in 1958, 1960 a nd 1961 in Salt Lake City.