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Reid Nielson

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Reid played first base for over 20 years with F.E. Bailey Construction, U-Camp, Turquoise Kings, and Sports Club of America. Teams he played with won the ASA State Tournaments in 1965-69, the ASA Regional Tournaments 1969-72 and attended the ASA National Tournaments 1969-72. While with the Turquoise Kings the Kings won the ISC State Championship in 1970 and were the ISC Travel team champions in 1975 and 1976. Reid played with the Turquoise Kings in the ISC National Championships in 1974-76. He played on the 1974 Turquoise Kings ISF (International Softball Federation) National Championship runner up team and was selected MVP.
He began playing softball in the early 1960s and played through the mid 1970s. Reid was known as the best defensive fielding player.
Reid was selected as a Veteran Player