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Warren Goodrich

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One of the greatest shortstops in Arizona Softball history, Warren Goodrich set an International Softball Congress record for shortstops with 25 putouts in the 1965 world tournament. He participated in eight national tournaments and played in every inning in 38 tournament games. His skills included a strong, accurate throwing arm. A leading hitter, he batted above .400 in one world tournament. He helped lead Schaefer & Smith Insurance of Phoenix to the ISC world championship and sparked Southern Truck Raiders of Phoenix to a runner-up spot on another occasion. He played in the longest world tournament game, a 28 inning contest in 1975. He was named to all-state and regional tournament all-star teams on six occasions. He has been named to several all-time Arizona men’s fast pitch teams. During his 11-year career in Arizona major softball, he played for Schaefer and Smith Insurance, Hays Roofing, Howard Chrysler, Southern Truck Raiders, Mesa Metcham Construction and Hardy- Holland of Phoenix and Kingman.