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Fred "Lefty" Bevington

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  • Year:1977
  • Category:Men Players
  • Nickname:Lefty
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A two-time All-American centerfielder and five times an Arizona All- State and All-Regional selection, this fleet-footed and strong-armed outfielder was a leader in batting, home runs, runs batted in and stolen bases. His exceptional skills were a vital factor in Fresh Farm Markets of Phoenix winning the 1947 national championship. He played for seven Arizona major league teams - O. S. Stapley, Farm Fresh Markets, Clark Smith Autos, Wright Cooler Kings, Hays Roofing, Jones Ranches and Fike Plumbers; and played in eight national tournaments at Cleveland, Oklahoma City, Greeley, Colo., Bridgeport, Conn., Fresno, Calif., Long Beach, Calif., and Phoenix.