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Ramon Trujillo Aldecoa

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Ramon started playing at the age of 17, as a catcher, with the LDS Men's Mormon League of Queen Creek. He went to the LDS World Tournament in Salt Lake City.

Ramon was drafted by the Giants and played professional Baseball. After his baseball career ended, he went back to softball and played with the Sports Club of America catching for Jay Bob Bickford. They qualified for the ASA Nationals in Dallas, TX. Ray also played for the Turquoise Kings. In 1974 they were ISC State Champs and finished in second place in the World Tourney held in Sun City.

Honors include:  ISC state champs selected to the All American Team, ISC State Champs, and runner up champions.

BORN: March 17, 1944, Santa Maria, California

PARENTS: Waldo and Rosenea Aldecoa

MARRIED: 1968 to longtime girlfriend Ruth Rosales

HIGH SCHOOL: Chandler High School. Class of 1966. Mascot: Wolf

BASEBALL: Played catcher and pitcher for High School and American Legion Baseball

PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL: Drafted right out of high school by San Francisco Giants; played four years in the minors.

BUSINESS: After four years with the Giants, Ramon came home and bought his first diesel truck and started the Aldecoa Trucking. His business has built a thriving and successful business of 30 plus years.

SOFTBALL YEARS/TEAMS: Started playing at the age of 17 with the LDS Mens Mormon League of Queen Creek. Went with the team to the LDS World Tournament in Salt Lake City. Later drafted by Giants and stopped softball for thirteen years.

1973: Played one year with the Sports Club of America catching Jay Bob Bickford. They qualified for the ASA Nationals in Dallas, TX. Coached by Harold Kleinman

1974: Joined the Tourquiose Kings and caught Jay Bob Bickford. They were the ISC State Champs and went to the World Tourney of that year in Sun City, AZ where they placed second behind the Page Raiders Team. At this tourney Ramon was selected to the All American Team.
A team was being put together to go to Houston to play in a tournament. Ramon was asked to play on this team. They were called the Phoenix All Stars but the sponsor didn't have the money to send the team to Houston so the United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) gave them the money and sponsored them in the tournament. Julian De La Cruz was coaching. The team needed a third baseman and Ramon played third instead of catcher. Julian and another man caught.

1975: Played for the Kings. Was Metro League Champions. ISC Travel League Champs

1976: Kings

1991: A.C. Williams called Jay Bob Bickford and wanted to have an Old Timers Game for the Memorial Day Tourney. Turn the clock back put people in the stands, bring back the old announcer Larry Bender, give you the first game of the tourney Friday night. Promised to give the Kings an opponent that he thought they could beat. Jay Bob called various players from former Hays Roofing, Southern Truck, 7th Ave Auto and Kings. The pitchers were Jay Bob Bickford, Jerry Wells and Gil Aragon. Cathers were Ramon Aldecoa and John Dutton. Most of the players were in their 60s. Couldn't run very well. The pitchers got together and decided due to age and time off from pitching they would have the following rotation no matter what the score was at the time of substitution. Jay Bob 4 innings, Gill 3 innings Next game Jerry Wells 4 innings Jay bob 3 and so on through out the tourney. They won the tourney. Gave up only one run in the entire tourney.