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A.C. Williams

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  • Year:1976
  • Category:Contributor - Other
  • Other:ASA Hall of Fame
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American Softball Association commissioner for Arizona since 1970, his tireless efforts are the main reason Prescott has become the softball capital of Arizona. After managing the Tucson Rancherettes, a girls’ team in 1954, his leadership qualities led him to sponsor and serve as tournament director for many state and regional men’s and women’s competition in Prescott. This internationally respected organizer was responsible for Arizona teams touring in New Zealand in 1970, ‘72 and ‘74; for the Sun City Saints tour of South Africa in 1975 and to the Netherlands in ‘76; and brought to Arizona, New Zealand teams in 1966-68-72-74-75-76. His contributions to softball in Arizona have
Resulted in increased quality and quantity of softball not only in Arizona but in the entire nation as well.