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Ray Ruman

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  • Year:1978
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Softball supervisor for the Tucson Parks and Recreation Department since 1963, his dedicated leadership enabled the city’s softball program to expand from 50 teams to a record 220 fast pitch teams by 1977. As commissioner of the ASA since 1971, he produced numerous successful tournaments in Tucson, including serving as assistant director in 1969 and as director in 1972 of Women’s World Softball Tournaments. He also has staged regional men’s and women’s tournaments leading to nationals. A member of the Arizona Softball Foundation board of governors since 1974, he also is chairman of the Southern Arizona Softball-Baseball Foundation, was a director of Men’s Pro Softball League in the southwestern U. S. in 1975-77, serves as advisor to the Tucson Umpires Association, and is host to foreign teams visiting Tucson