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Karl Nielson

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  • Year:1979
  • Category:Contributor - Other
  • Other:ISC Hall of Fame
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A 33-year commitment to softball has seen him active as a player, manager, commissioner and administrator, a dynamic force in the advancement of Arizona softball. Commissioner and President of the International Softball Congress, he brought to Arizona the 1974, 1977 and 1980 ISC national championship tournaments. He participated in 18 national tournaments as a player and 13 as Commissioner of the ISC. He was a member of the Schaefer & Smith team of Phoenix which won the 1970 ISC national championship. His career began in 1947 with the Phoenix Major League. He was selected to 13 Arizona all-state teams, was six times Leading Pitcher, was leading batter twice, and was twice named Most Valuable Player. He became a Commissioner of the ISC in 1967 and was elected President in 1977.